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Dates to add to your diary for not to be missed dental events.

Here you will find the latest information on BDIA conferences, networking events and seminars, as well as exhibitions and other events in and around the dental industry. You will also find details of international trade shows and export events the BDIA are involved in.

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Helping dental professionals succeed through, valuable insight, building credibility and trust, and by being the voice of the industry in the UK.
Simon Rich, Managing Director
Simon Rich, Managing Director
Skillbond Direct
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“As a leader within the dental lab sector we find it challenging to keep up with regulatory changes and flow through effects from clinical requirements. The BDIA has been paramount in giving ongoing guidance and allowing me to proactively keep up and make changes as required.
Alex Breitenbach, Managing Director
Alex Breitenbach, Managing Director
NSK United Kingdom Ltd
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“When I set up NSK in May 2007 I didn’t have to think twice about signing the business up for BDIA Membership. Over the years we have used the BDIA Introduction to Dentistry training resource for colleagues new to dentistry, regulatory and compliance matters and as a general sounding board. I value the BDIA’s lobbying efforts to make our industry’s voice heard in places inaccessible for individual members. To me the BDIA is an invaluable resource and membership should be part of anybody’s armamentarium who is operating in our space.”
Elaine Tilling, Education and Projects Manager
Elaine Tilling, Education and Projects Manager
TePe Oral Hygiene Products Ltd
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“Being a BDIA member increases our credibility as a supplier and gives us access to the best technical support we need to maintain our high quality dental product range. We also get valuable information like Dental Spotlight that would be very difficult to obtain elsewhere.”
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