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The Association for the UK Dental Industry

The British Dental Industry Association (BDIA) is the UK’s national trade association, representing and supporting the collective interests of manufacturers and suppliers of dental products, services and technologies. The BDIA has a member community of over 104 companies.

The BDIA plays a pivotal role in driving standards for the provision of quality oral healthcare.

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Who are we?

Welcome to the British Dental Industry Association (BDIA)

Our members range from SME’s all the way through to international businesses within the sector, manufacturing and supplying innovative products, services and technologies to develop dentistry.

We facilitate the need of our members to help shape and improve the future of dentistry, we do this by sharing knowledge, building business, networking and engaging in initiatives to develop the sector – we play a pivotal role in driving standards for the provision of quality oral healthcare.

Every BDIA member adheres to our professional Code of PracticeThis means that in choosing to do business with any of them you can have confidence that everything you buy is of guaranteed quality and provenance – you are in the hands of a trusted, quality-conscious company.



successfully studied and passed the BDIA Certificate: Introduction to Dentistry - there have been 6 Revisions of the course material since its inception.


Dental activity

The value of high street dentistry in the UK supported by BDIA member companies.



We pride ourselves on our community of members - some have been with the British Dental Industry Association for over 60 years.


Dental Market Value

The value of the market for dental products and services provided by BDIA member companies.

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The BDIA plays a pivotal role in driving standards for the provision of quality oral healthcare.


The BDIA offers a range of resources and benefits to help you elevate your dental business to the next level.


Browse our directory of trusted suppliers, manufactures and service providers and see the products they offer.


Discover the BDIA Certificate: Introduction to Dentistry course and develop your career in the dental industry.

Membership Benefits


Regular member communications share latest industry news, updates and programme of events. Receive monthly newsletters, our members only Dental Insider magazine and more.


A members-only online area holds information on the latest activities on which the industry is focusing. It is also where members can access latest news, support and advice, policies, research and statistics.

Insight & Resources

The BDIA provides robust industry insights to members to help support decision making. This easily accessible information saves members both time and resource, and ensures latest available data is at their fingertips


A number of education and training opportunities are available to member companies to enhance their skills and supply a quality service to their customers.


Members networking events are a key feature in the BDIA membership calendar - we aim to facilitate useful meetings with colleagues, peers and industry professionals to develop opportunities and connect with the best businesses within the industry.


By engaging with influencers, we provide a wide range of support to promote and protect members interests, as well as access to valuable sources of information, allowing members to concentrate on their day to day business.


The BDIA Certificate:
Introduction to Dentistry

The British Dental Industry Association has designed an education programme to fast-track students knowledge of the dental industry and profession.

Attain the foundational knowledge that is required to work in the dental industry

Developed by specialists, The BDIA Certificate: Introduction to Dentistry delivers benchmark training standards within the dental industry.

Download the BDIA Dental Industry Manifesto

The Dental Industry Manifesto outlines how the BDIA believes
the next Government can contribute to achieving the industry’s positive vision for the future of the UK’s dental industry and oral health care.

If Government can take the opportunity to build the right
regulatory environment and provide targeted investment it can make a significant contribution to protecting the UK’s oral health for years to come, as well as supporting the UK dental industry.

The Dental Industry Manifesto is being circulated to key
opinion formers across the Government, Civil Service, the NHS and other relevant organisations

Priorities for future government action are identified across three pillars:

World class regulation of medical devices

The UK’s medical devices regulatory framework should
prioritise transparency and predictability, adopting international recognition as a pragmatic and proportionate approach that advances patient safety while fostering innovation and supporting businesses.

Improving the nation’s oral health

Government should recognise the value in supporting the
provision of both NHS and private dentistry as a means to ensuring significant advances in the nation’s oral health.

A favourable healthtech environment

Creating a stable and attractive environment that fosters
growth and innovation, while establishing the UK as a favourable place to invest and do business, should be prioritised by Government for the benefit of patients, industry and the wider economy.


What our members say

Helping dental businesses succeed through, valuable insight, building credibility and trust, and by being the voice of the industry in the UK.

Simon Rich, Managing Director
Simon Rich, Managing Director
Skillbond Direct
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“As a leader within the dental lab sector we find it challenging to keep up with regulatory changes and flow through effects from clinical requirements. The BDIA has been paramount in giving ongoing guidance and allowing me to proactively keep up and make changes as required.
Alex Breitenbach, Managing Director
Alex Breitenbach, Managing Director
NSK United Kingdom Ltd
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“When I set up NSK in May 2007 I didn’t have to think twice about signing the business up for BDIA Membership. Over the years we have used the BDIA Introduction to Dentistry training resource for colleagues new to dentistry, regulatory and compliance matters and as a general sounding board. I value the BDIA’s lobbying efforts to make our industry’s voice heard in places inaccessible for individual members. To me the BDIA is an invaluable resource and membership should be part of anybody’s armamentarium who is operating in our space.”
Elaine Tilling, Education and Projects Manager
Elaine Tilling, Education and Projects Manager
TePe Oral Hygiene Products Ltd
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“Being a BDIA member increases our credibility as a supplier and gives us access to the best technical support we need to maintain our high quality dental product range. We also get valuable information like Dental Spotlight that would be very difficult to obtain elsewhere.”

BDIA Events and Networking

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