BDIA Dental Industry Manifesto 2024

The BDIA has released its 2024 Dental Industry Manifesto.

Download and read it now.

The Dental Industry Manifesto outlines how the BDIA believes the next Government can contribute to achieving the industry’s positive vision for the future of the UK’s dental industry and oral health care.

If Government can take the opportunity to build the right regulatory environment and provide targeted investment it can make a significant contribution to protecting the UK’s oral health for years to come, as well as supporting the UK dental industry.

The Dental Industry Manifesto is being circulated to key opinion formers across the Government, Civil Service, the NHS and other relevant organisations

Priorities for future government action are identified across three pillars:

World class regulation of medical devices

The UK’s medical devices regulatory framework should prioritise transparency and predictability, adopting international recognition as a pragmatic and proportionate approach that advances patient safety while fostering innovation and supporting businesses.

Improving the nation’s oral health

Government should recognise the value in supporting the provision of both NHS and private dentistry as a means to ensuring significant advances in the nation’s oral health.

A favourable healthtech environment

Creating a stable and attractive environment that fosters growth and innovation, while establishing the UK as a favourable place to invest and do business, should be prioritised by Government for the benefit of patients, industry and the wider economy.

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