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Introduction to Dentistry

Developed by specialists, The BDIA Certificate: Introduction to Dentistry delivers benchmark training standards within the dental industry.


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“The course has been fantastic with easy to digest and learn material. I now know a lot more and have better confidence to talk to dentists in my sales job than ever before.”

Michael Carter

Dental Equipment Sales Executive


Education & Training for the Dental Industry

The BDIA Certificate: Introduction to Dentistry is a benchmark training resource for the dental industry.

It provides 20 hours of verifiable CPD and is ideal for non-clinical staff in customer-facing roles, such as sales, marketing, customer service, reception, and management at dental surgeries.

The course offers a fast-track to understanding the industry and profession, covering the basics of dentistry, dental equipment, and the work of the dental team.

The certificate is suitable for both self-learning and supervised training, and is available to BDIA members and non-member companies alike.

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See what the BDIA Certificate: Introduction to Dentistry course offers

The best course for non-clinical staff in customer facing roles.

Fast-track your understanding of the industry and attain the fundamental knowledge of the dentistry profession. This course is perfect for:

Sales & Marketing

To excel in dental sales and marketing, grasp dentistry basics to connect well with clients, tailor strategies, and foster stronger bonds with them. Knowledge ups your patient acquisition and retention rates.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service is vital for success in dentistry. It helps customers have a positive experience and return for more. Communicate effectively, and with confidence by providing accurate information without hesitation.


Enable your management team to enhance their proficiency in overseeing dental teams. Equip them with the foundational knowledge of dentistry to navigate and manage their team's workflow more effectively.


This training programme helps dental receptionists by providing the knowledge to handle inquiries and appointments effectively. It covers all the essential knowledge that is needed for a dental practice receptionist to communicate confidently with customers regarding treatments and procedure enquires.

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Dean Hallows

Gail Vernon

Daniel Davis

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11 Self-learning course modules

The BDIA Certificate: Introduction to Dentistry consists of 11 self-learning modules, ranging from a general introduction to the profession and industry, an oral anatomy overview, through to oral surgery, laboratory procedures, infection control and implants. Students will be tested on all 11 modules in the final exam.

Module 1

Introduction to Dentistry

This module gives an overview of how dentistry is delivered to the population of the UK, the clinicians, and others who are involved.

Module 2

Oral & Dental Anatomy

This module provides the basic underpinning knowledge of dental anatomy, physiology, terminology and dental charting.

Module 3

Oral & Dental Disease

This module describes the most common oral diseases and conditions and discusses methods of prevention.

Module 4

Oral Hygiene

This module describes a range of oral hygiene aids, uses and how patients can ensure they are utilising the right methods to meet their needs.

Module 5

Diagnosis & Radiotherapy

This module describes the process of an oral examination and the equipment used in oral radiography.

Module 6

Restorative Dentistry

This module describes the disciplines of restorative dentistry, as well as the development of dental materials used.

Module 7

Dental Technology & Laboratory Procedures

In this module you will understand the skilled nature of the work of dental technicians and the various stages in lab procedures.

Module 8

The Dental Environment & Equipment

In this module you will understand the dental environment, surgery design and functions of dental equipment.

Module 9

Infection Control in Dentistry

In this module you will understand the need for infection control, standard precautions and the laws relating to cross-infection.

Module 10

Minor Oral Surgery, Anaesthesia & Sedation

This module describes the various minor oral surgical procedures that may be performed and the use of oral sedation.

Module 11

Implant Dentistry

This module describes dental implants, how the treatment works and the clinical indications dental implants are appropriate.



Students who enrol in the BDIA Certificate: Introduction to Dentistry course will have two years to study before taking the 90-minute multiple-choice final exam.

The exam covers all 11 modules, and students must score at least 60% to pass, with a Distinction awarded for scores of 80% or higher.

A digital certificate will be emailed to those who pass, while those who fail can re-sit the exam at a cost of £75 for member companies and £160 for non-member companies.

Exams are available on demand after completing all 11 course modules.

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