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2024 programme dates are to be released shortly.


Invest in your Team to Help Drive Results

The BDIA Inspire Influence Sell Sales Training Programme in Partnership with Training Coach, Justin leigh.

The BDIA exclusive members’ programme teaches the full sales process from ‘making successful first contact’ through to ‘developing long term loyal customers’. Research shows that around 55% of sales people have never been trained to sell effectively, they may know the marketplace, their company and their products, but they haven’t been trained in vital sales skills. With this programme, we’re aiming to provide a solution to that problem in the UK dental market.

Before any delegates enrol on the programme, their selling effectiveness is measured and benchmarked against a database of over 1,200 sales professionals in the UK who have taken the Sales Acceleration Scorecard.

The programme breaks down each stage of the selling journey into an easy to learn and apply 2 day training programme, followed up by an online group coaching call, to support implementation in the field.

You and your team will learn the fundamentals of the sales process and discover how to gain your own competitive advantage, through a consultative selling and influencing approach. All of the models and content are from the bestselling book ‘Inspire, Influence, Sell’ by Justin Leigh.

This complete sales training programme is an excellent investment opportunity for members to upskill their sales teams, enabling you and them to benefit from a community of dental sales professionals and Justin Leigh’s skills, expertise and extensive experience.

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Who the Programme is for

The programme is perfect for a range of employees and the perfect investment opportunity.

Field Sales Teams

Whether you or your team are new or experienced in a sales role, this programme is ideal for all experience levels.

Telesales Teams

The programme is also for telesales personnel, teaching the full A-Z of selling to help them discover their customers requirements and confidently close deals.


Sales managers and directors can also greatly benefit from the programme if they haven't previously taken any form of sales training and have mastered their craft purely from experience.

Other Sales Personnel

Sales administrators, Sales coordinators and anyone who is involved in the sales cycle can too benefit from the traning programme. The programme is great as a stepping stone to a more senior role or as an induction into the world of sales.


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The Process and Structure

Delegates who enrol on the training will take part in a 2 day training & coaching workshop at a venue. Each day will last around 8 hours per day and lunch will be provided for delegates. 2024 programme dates are to be released shortly.

Step 1

Group Enrolment

Enrol your team on the programme.

Step 2

Group Briefing Call

A briefing call is held with all enrollees to discuss the next steps and what to expect.

Step 3

Pre-training Scorecard test

Delegates take a pre-training Scorecard test to benchmark their current sales ability and knowledge in order for Justin to take a tailored approach to their training requirements and better understand the delegates level.

Step 4

Invitation to Two Day Workshop

Delegates are invited to an in person two-day Workshop.

Step 5

Attend the Workshop

Delegates attend the two-day workshop including implementation with the INSPIRe Sales Toolkit.

Step 6

Assign Accountability Partners

Delegates are assigned to accountability partners that they will undertake specific tasks with during the training.

Step 7

Training Literature

Delegates receive a signed printed copy of the Amazon best selling Inspire, Influence, Sell training book of which the sales training programme principles are based on.

Step 8


Delegates receive the INSPIRe Sales Toolkit - an interactive toolkit designed to be a 'bible' for sales professionals to refer to that includes, planning sales tools, progress measurement tools and workbooks to complete.

Step 9


Author photo shoot & Social Media Posts

Step 10

Reference & Reflection

Delegates receive a video recording of the entire two day programme for their reference and reflection.

Step 11

Follow up

2x Online follow up Coaching Sessions with Justin Leigh.

Step 12

Final Scorecard test

Delegates retake the Scorecard test.


What do I get when I enrol on the programme?

Students who enrol in the Inspire Influence Sell training programme will receive the following:

  • Sales Acceleration Scorecard & Development Plan for each attendee. A PDF personal development report showing your sales skill level and a plan to improve in the highest impact areas of selling.

  • Before any delegates enrol on the programme, their selling effectiveness is measured and benchmarked against a 1,200 other UK sales professionals. This enables you and your teams to better understand your own strengths, development areas and blind spots, and to identify the highest priorities for development.

    • Implementation with the INSPIRe Sales Toolkit – an interactive toolkit designed to be a ‘bible’ for sales professionals to refer to that includes, planning sales tools, progress measurement tools and workbooks to complete.

  • Inspire sales process reminder cards – a great reference tool for sales professionals to refer back to when preparing for key customer meetings.

  • Additional sales workbooks and sales assets

  • Join a High Performing Dental Sales community.

  • eLearning Portal – access any time, anywhere.

  • Principles & Models from Inspire, Influence, Sell.

  • Clear Actions after every session.

  • Access to the Webinar/Workshop.

  • A video recording of the two day training workshops.


  • Access to a student WhatsApp group to ask Justin questions and discuss course topics.

  • Q&A Access.

  • PDF of the slides from each web class.

  • Signed paperback copy of Justin Leigh’s INSPIRE, INFLUENCE, SELL (Amazon Best Seller).

  • E-copy of the INSPIRE, INFLUENCE, SELL manuscript.

  • Instant access to the ‘Cultivating a Positive Growth Mindset’ & the INSPIRe Sales Academy online programmes.


Total investment for the programme is £1,745 + VAT per delegate (includes two 8 hour day’s training, all training materials and literature and 1 night hotel accommodation).

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