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Committed to representing the interests of the dental industry

We are committed to representing the interests of the dental industry and to promoting the best possible outcomes for patients, business and the profession.
The BDIA proactively engages with stakeholders across government, regulatory bodies and professional organisations, both in the UK and abroad, so that our members’ interests are at the forefront of discussions affecting our industry.
We are proud to be represented at some of the most senior levels in policy, technical and regulatory circles – a position that allows us to work intelligently and effectively on your behalf and to ensure that your views will be heard when and where it’s most important.

We are members of influential committees, policy forums and working groups across the sector including within the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, Department for Health and Social Care, Life Sciences Organisation, NHS Supply Chain and Department for Business & Trade.

The Association is also registered under the European Union’s Transparency Register, granting it official status as a professional advocacy organisation and access to EU institutions and their representatives.

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