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A family owned company; Kulzer is a leading German technology manufacturer, originating from the field of precious metals. Supplying some of the worlds leading audio, telecommunications and lighting manufacturers, Kulzers’ products are synonymous with innovation and quality. The dental division, Kulzer, is an important member of the Mitsui Chemicals Group. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities throughout Germany, their quality materials lead the way in many sectors within the dental practice and laboratory fields. These leading materials can be found within the following sectors: impression materials, restoratives, bonding systems, temporary materials, needles, burs, ‘bovine-free’ bone augmentation, artificial teeth, denture base materials, investments, gypsums, casting machines and ceramics. Some of the brand names: Provil, Alginoplast, Xantalgin Select, Venus, iBond, Sopira Carpule Needles, Agfa, Premium and Mondial Artificial Teeth, Pala range, Heracast iQ, Heraceram. Products Supplied: Anaesthetics, Articulators and accessories, Bone augmentation materials, Casting apparatus, Ceramic apparatus etc, Cobalt chromium, De-waxing equipment, Denture base materials, Desensitisers, Filling materials, Flasks and dental presses, Furnaces, Implants, Impression materials, Investments, Laboratory services, Lasers, Light activated systems, Lights, Needles and syringes, Orthodontic products, Plasters, Polishing products, Precision attachments, Processing apparatus, Sand blasters, Teeth, Training and seminars, Wax, X-ray accessories, X-ray materials Company Brands: Agfa, Alginoplast, Carpule Needles, Charisma, Charisma ABC, Citoject, Durafill, Dynamix Impression Mixer, Flexitime, Gluma Desensitizer, Gluma Desensitizer, Kulzer Diamond Burs, iBond Universal, iBond Self Etch, iBond Total Etch, iCem, Memoreg2 Bite Registration, Memosil2 Bite Registration, Optosil, Pala Mondial Teeth, Pala Premium Teeth, PreVision CB, Provil, Signum Metal Bond, Translux Wave, Venus, Venus Pearl, Venus Diamond, Venus Flow, Venus Supra Polishing, Xantalgin Select, and Xantopren.

Products & Brands

Products include: Flexitime Dynamix, Venus Pearl & Venus Diamond, iBond Universal, Venus Pearl ONE/Venus Diamond ONE

Flexitime Dynamix

Our precision impression material Flexitime has been developed especially for the high requirements of modern prosthetics. With Flexitime you work with high precision and time flexibility.

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Venus Pearl & Venus Diamond

Aesthetically perfect. Venus composites set the new standards in dental technology to meet the high demands of patients.

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iBond Universal

iBOND Universal is the universal, light-curing adhesive for any bonding technique and all indications. Being compatible with all dental materials, it is the all-rounder for reliable bond strength.

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Venus Pearl ONE/Venus Diamond ONE

Universal shade solution for the majority of everyday cases with enhanced mechanical properties. With incredible shade matching ONE shade blends seamlessly into the surrounding dentition.

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