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True Bone Regeneration with an Integrated Membrane The latest development in dental bone regeneration, EthOss® is a synthetic grafting material based around a combination of Beta Tricalcium Phosphate and Calcium Sulphate. With an integrated membrane, removing the need for a separate collagen membrane, the material utilises the latest developments in advanced biomaterial design to consistently deliver in excess of 50% new bone in graft sites at 12 weeks. The remainder of the material will be completely resorbed, leaving the patient with true bone supporting their implant long term. History EthOss® is designed and manufactured by EthOss Regeneration Ltd, a company based in the UK. A clinically-led company, EthOss Regeneration Ltd was founded in 2013 by Dr Peter Fairbairn, a world-renowned practitioner with over 3 decades’ experience placing implants and Dr Paul Harrison, a highly experienced dental product development specialist. The company was formed with a simple philosophy – “the body wants to heal, let’s work with it”. By working with the body’s natural healing process it is possible to drastically speed up healing time, improving both clinical outcomes and patient comfort. Leveraging the extensive experience of the founders, this philosophy guided the company as they developed EthOss® – a unique Guided Bone Regeneration product for use in dental implant surgery. The company is now focussed on spreading the word of EthOss® through an extensive clinical education programme, with numerous talks and courses planned worldwide. EthOss Regeneration is working with a fast growing number of distribution partners around the world. Ethos EthOss Regeneration Ltd was formed around a simple philosophy - "the body wants to heal, let's work with it". All of the companies products have been designed to work with natural healing processes, upregulating the host healing environment with the ultimate goal of returning the body to its' original state, without the use of any donor material (human or animal). The name "EthOss" reflects this, being a combination of "Ethical" and "Oss" (Latin for "bone"). Export activity Since being awarded the CE Mark in 2015 EthOss® has grown rapidly around the world. The company is a committed, award-winning exporter and is increasing their international distribution network regularly. Primarily selling through a network of country-level distributors, EthOss® is currently available in over 30 markets including: Australia Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Finland Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary Iceland Jordan Kenya Lebanon Lithuania Malaysia Malta Morocco New Zealand Poland Republic of Ireland Romania Singapore Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey UAE UK Hong Kong Awards Northern Powerhouse Export Awards 2019 - Exporter of the Year, Winner Dental Industry Awards 2017 - UK Exporter of the Year (Winner) Dental Industry Awards 2017 - Outstanding Business of the Year (under 25 employees) (Highly Commended) Made in Yorkshire Awards 2018 - Medical, Life Sciences & Healthcare Award (Winner) Dental Industry Awards 2018 - UK Exporter of the Year (Shortlisted) Dental Industry Awards 2018 - Outstanding Business of the Year (under 25 employees) (Shortlisted) Small Business Awards 2018 - Exporter of the Year (Shortlisted) Medilink North of England Awards 2018 - Export Award (Shortlisted) Made in UK Awards 2018 - Medical, Life Sciences & Healthcare Award (Shortlisted)

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Products include: EthOss Bone Graft Material, EthOss Degranulation Bur Kits

EthOss Bone Graft Material

Move on from Guided Bone Regeneration and discover True Host Bone Regeneration. Our innovative synthetic bone graft material has an integrated membrane for quick application and predictable results.

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EthOss Degranulation Bur Kits

Designed to remove degranulation tissue and debris from a site prior to grafting, ensuring the graft material can be placed in direct contact with healthy host bone & reducing risk of failure.

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