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Takara Belmont (UK) Ltd

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Takara Belmont applies the latest Japanese manufacturing knowledge and techniques to produce equipment, which exceed expectations. Unsurprisingly, they have a reputation for: Flexibility - with treatment centres to suit even the most challenging surgery layout. Reliability - high production standards ensure their products perform and are extremely durable. No wonder they are first choice for so many dental schools. Service - both pre and post-purchase. They'll design the best layout for your surgery and offer a level of aftercare sales commensurate with the quality of their equipment. Innovation - the unique features and diversity of their Treatment Centres set the benchmark to which others aspire. If you would like to visit our showrooms call 020 7515 0333 (London) or 0161 743 9992 (Manchester). No pressure, no obligation, just honest advice. HistoryTakara Belmont started as a family business in Japan, 1921. Since then we have been manufacturing health and beauty furniture. Our goal is to maintain a vigorous pursuit of high-functionality and continued positive contribution to good health for our futures. Applying great design, a caring ethos and the benefits of a long heritage, the company creates products to stir emotions and improve life, massage happiness and inspire loyalty. View our Evolution Timeline Products and BrandsProducts Supplied: Chairs, Cuspidors, Lights, Stools, Surgery planning/furniture, Units, X-ray apparatus Company Brands: tbCompass, Cleo II, Clesta II, Voyager III, 050/055 Clairs

Products & Brands

Products include: B300 – Surface Disinfector, B700 – DUWL Daily Maintenance, B900 – DUWL Periodic Shock & Test Treatment, B100 – Chair Upholstery Cleaning & Care

B300 – Surface Disinfector

B300 can be used on hard surfaces and upholstery. It is fast acting, making it ideal for daily use and is effective against a range of bacteria and non-enveloped viruses.

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B700 – DUWL Daily Maintenance

B700 is a tried and tested maintenance solution for waterlines. It minimises the potential for biofilm formation in your waterlines.

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B900 – DUWL Periodic Shock & Test Treatment

Before you start using B700 it is essential that you `test' and `shock' your system using the B900 kit. This will remove any existing biofilm. Use quarterly to prevent the build-up of future biofilm.

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B100 – Chair Upholstery Cleaning & Care

B100 is ideal for cleaning a dental chair and remove stubborn stains, without damaging your upholstery. This product should be used intermittently as and when needed.

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