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R A Medical Services Ltd

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ISO Notified Body: QMS

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Manufacturer Distributor Exporter

R A Medical Services Ltd is a Full member and ISO Notified Body QMS. They are involved in the business categories of Manufacturer, Distributor, and Exporter.

Products & Brands

Products include: Miniscav Active Scavenger, Matrx Digital MDM, Matrx Swing Arm Bracket, Matrx High Stand, Porter C3000 MXR, Porter brown Scavenger Breathing Assembly, Porter Adult Hood Assembly, Matrx ANS Scavenger, Accutron Clearview Scavenging System, Accutron Digital Ultra, Accutron Ultra Flowmeter, Matrx low stand, Accutron Clearview Nasal Masks, Matrx Dynomite Nasal Hoods, Porter Disposable Liners, Porter Disposable Liners, Cylinder Management Bracket, Accutron Autoclavable Nasal Masks, Matrx Autoclavable Nasal Mask, Matrx Mobile 4 Cylinder Stand, Porter Silhouette, Porter Silhouette sizers Masks, Matrx MDM Flowmeter

Miniscav Active Scavenger

Miniscav Active Scavenger Unit for dental scavenging. Allows compliance with COSHH. Complete with internal transfer hose, external venting kit and power lead. p/no: RA2070

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Matrx Digital MDM

Digital MDM Flowmeter - electronic model. Auto-compensating with flat touch screen LCD. Audible & visual oxygen failure alarms. Standard ISO model with DISS fittings. p/no: 9151 5265

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Matrx Swing Arm Bracket

Matrx Telescopic Swing Arm Bracket - extends 15". Complete with bottom mount peg. Suitable for use with Matrx MDM & Digital MDM models only. p/no: 2020

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Matrx High Stand

Matrx High Mobile Stand. 5 leg base (no yoke assembly) and universal fitting. Suitable for mounting MDM, DMDM & MXR flowmeters p/no: 2042

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Porter C3000 MXR

Porter C3000 MXR Flowmeter. Dual Seal Failsafe, emergency air-intake and 100% oxygen flush button. Maximum 70% nitrous oxide/minimum 30% oxygen. p/no: C3000

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Porter brown Scavenger Breathing Assembly

Porter brown scavenging breathing system - available with Adult or Paediatric masks. p/n 5155-1 (adult) p/n 5155-2 (paediatric)

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Porter Adult Hood Assembly

Porter Adult hood comprising: Outer hood, three adult inner liners and pair of hood/hose connectors. Latex free and autoclavable. p/no: 5054A

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Matrx ANS Scavenger

ANS Nitrous Scavenger System - available with small, medium or large nasal hoods. Can also be used with Matrx Dynomite nasal hoods. Latex free.

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Accutron Clearview Scavenging System

Scavenging system for use with Clearview nasal masks includes 3' fresh gas hose, vacuum control valve and coaxial hose. p/no: 43003

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Accutron Digital Ultra

Digital flowmeter with both digital and analogue flow indication for each gas. oxygen failure alarm. DISS fittings. p/no: 26400-WAUK

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Accutron Ultra Flowmeter

Ultra PC % Flowmeter. Single-knob total flow control. Standard ISO model with DISS fittings. p/no: 31975

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Matrx low stand

Low mobile stand (no yoke assy). 5 leg base. Suitable for MDM, DMDM & MXR C3000. p/no: RA2040

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Accutron Clearview Nasal Masks

Clearview nasal masks available in three sizes: paediatric, adult & large adult. Scents include: strawberry, bubblegum, orange, vanilla, mint and grape. Single patient use. Sold in boxes 12.

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Matrx Dynomite Nasal Hoods

Dynomite - single patient use scented nasal hoods. Latex Free. Available in small, medium & large. Scents include; strawberry, bubblegum, orange, vanilla & plain. Single mask type.

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Porter Disposable Liners

Porter disposable single patient use liners - for use with Porter autoclavable outer mask. Available in Packs 12 or box 144. Unscented (green) Sizes: Adult or Paediatric

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Porter Disposable Liners

Porter Disposable Single Patient Use liners. Available in Packs 12 or Box 144 (12 packs 12). Citrus (white) Adult or Paediatric

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Cylinder Management Bracket

Cylinder restraint brackets. Robust metal construction with retaining chains. Holds two cylinders. Sizes available: D/E, F, G and J Size illustrated: D/E

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Accutron Autoclavable Nasal Masks

Accutron Autoclavable Nasal Mask (grey only). Three sizes: small, medium & large. Sold in single quantity: small p/n: 33020 medium p/n: 33019 Large p/n: 33018

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Matrx Autoclavable Nasal Mask

Matrx Autoclavable Nasal Mask (blue only) Available in small, medium & large. small p/n: 9151 5094 medium p/no: 9151 5095 large p/no: 9151 5096

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Matrx Mobile 4 Cylinder Stand

Matrx mobile 4 cylinder stand 26" post and 5 leg base. Cylinder restraint and pair DISS/DISS oxygen/nitrous supply hoses p/no: 2045-3RA

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Porter Silhouette

A radically different type of mask/tubing assembly; low profile, unobstructed access, single patient use with scavenging efficiency. Available in 4 sizes - paediatric, small, medium and large.

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Porter Silhouette sizers Masks

Sizers Masks for use with the Silhouette breathing system - allows correct size of mask to be chosen. Available in 4 sizes - paediatric, small, medium and large - Autoclavable.

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Matrx MDM Flowmeter

Monitored Dial Mixer (MDM) Flowmeter Standard ISO model with DISS fittings

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