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Henry Schein is one of the UK’s leading full service dental dealers, offering everything a dental practice needs to run a successful business.Henry Schein’s dedication to the success of dental professionals is clearly demonstrated through their partnership with some of the industry’s leading brand names including Dentsply Sirona, 3M, 3Shape, GC, Kerr and many other renowned manufacturers. The result, an extensive product portfolio which enables Henry Schein to offer dental practices, business and consultancy services, practice management software, surgery design and installation, recruitment, estate management and of course some of the best value dental consumables available.We can help a dentistry professional on every step of their dental journey from starting their career as a dental student through to selling their dental practice or laboratory. Henry Schein offers solutions with various brands across the journey: Software of Excellence and Dentally offer practice management dental software and marketing solutions to dentists and dental professionals with their EXACT software; MediHoldings offer recruitment and valuation services for your dental practice/laboratory; Henry Schein also offer a variety of Educational courses to keep you abreast of the latest developments in digital dentistry and CPD, Business Solutions to help you increase profitability and digital solutions to help you integrate dental technology seamlessly into your practice or laboratory.Our team of experienced consultants offers expert advice when recommending materials and equipment, helping to implement solutions that are tailor-made to suit bespoke dental and laboratory needs.With our team of knowledgeable experts, you can rely on us to help take care of your business so that you can focus on the delivery of superior patient care.Products and BrandsProducts Supplied: Air abrasion, Air purification systems, Amalgam separators, Anaesthetic apparatus, Anaesthetics, Aspirator systems, Autoclaves, Bone augmentation materials, Brushes, Cabinets and furniture, Chairs, Compressors, Computers, Crown forms, Cuspidors, Dental magnification, Denture base materials, Desensitisers, Digital imaging, Drill units, Drymouth, Electrosurgery, Endodontics, Extraoral cameras, Filling materials, Flasks and dental presses, Glass and Hollow Ware, Gloves, Hand instruments, Handpieces, Implants, Impression materials, Intraoral cameras, Investments, Laboratory instruments and tools, Laboratory motors, Lasers, Lathes polishing, Light activated systems, Lights, Medicaments, Needles and syringes, Oral cancer detection, Oral hygiene, Orthodontic products, Plasters, Polishing products, Practice Management Systems, Precision attachments, Preventive products, Retention pins, Root posts, Sand blasters, Sedation equipment, ShadeGuide units, Sterilisers, Sterilising solutions, Stools, Surgery planning/furniture, Surgery sundries, Surgery wear, Surgical units, Teeth, Training and seminars, Trimmers, Turbines and motors, Ultrasonic equipment, Ultrasonics, Units, Vibrators, Washer - disinfectors, Waste recovery equipment, Water distillers, Wax, X-ray accessories, X-ray apparatus, X-ray materials

Products & Brands

Products include: Isovac, Isolite, Polti Sani System, Mouthwashes and rinses, All types of PPE and RPE available


90% of aerosols can be removed with proper high volume evacuation. Studies show that Isovac/Isolite is more effective in reducing aerosols and spatter than using a rubber dam + HVE, or an HVE alone.

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90% of aerosols can be removed with proper high volume evacuation. Studies show that Isovac/Isolite is more effective in reducing aerosols and spatter than using a rubber dam + HVE, or an HVE alone.

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Polti Sani System

Providing a rapid method of disinfection, and for frequent use with zero drying time, the Polti Sani System Pro kills up to 99.999% of viruses, using steam almost completely free of liquid particles.

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Mouthwashes and rinses

For mouthwashes suitable for use against COVID-19, please check our daily availability.

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All types of PPE and RPE available

From contactless thermometers, mouthwash, sanitisers to masks, aprons, gowns and visors, check out our PPE web page for daily availability of all items.

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