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Dürr Dental (Products) UK

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ISO Notified Body: Not applicable. Dürr Dental (Products) UK Ltd is a manufacturer, distributor, exporter, importer, and wholesaler of dental products and equipment. They are not an ISO notified body.

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Dürr Dental (Products) UK Ltd was founded out of a need to back up the dental dealers of the UK and Ireland in their sales, installation and servicing of Dürr products. It was also found that the dental profession required a source for information and sundries not always available directly from their dental retailer.The company is a subsidiary of DÜRR DENTAL AG which is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of:Dental Vacuum Systems Amalgam Separation Equipment Dental Air Compressors X-ray Processors Digital X-ray Systems Intraoral Cameras Practice cleaning and disinfection productsProducts Supplied: Aspirator systems, Compressors, Cuspidors, Dental magnification, Impression materials, Intraoral cameras, Sterilising solutions, Ultrasonic equipment, X-ray accessories, X-ray apparatus, X-ray materials

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Products include: Suction cannulas for aerosol control, Dürr Suction Systems, Dürr System Hygiene, Dürr Dental Imaging

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