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HistorySchottlander was founded in 1922 and manufacture and supply an extensive range of dental consumables in the UK and overseas. We have prospered and are growing through an absolute commitment to high quality products, training and services that answer genuine clinical needs. We have twice received the Queens Award for Innovation.

Ethos By working together with dental professionals around the world, we help to improve the quality of dentistry while growing our company.

Export activitySchottlander products are available in more than 50 countries throughout the world, but there are still areas where we are looking for additional distribution.

If you are interested in becoming a Schottlander distributor in your territory, please contact the Schottlander Export Team on: export@schottlander.co.uk or call us on +44 (0) 1462 480 848

The office is open 8.00am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Please include information about your organisation, the products you are currently selling and your plans for the future. We look forward to welcoming you into the Schottlander family of distributors.

AwardsAt Schottlander we have always valued innovation very highly. This innovation has been independently recognised on two separate occasions by the receipt of Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in the Innovation category.

In 2000 we received the Award for our Schottlander Low Allergy Gloves range which sets the standard for dental gloves in the UK with their consistent low protein and low chemical accelerator levels, ease of donning and superb physical properties.

In 2004 we received it for the Enigma & Natura Cosmetic Teeth and Denture Systems which have made it possible for a denture wearer to be able to keep the fact confidential between their dentist and themselves.

To quote the Queen’s Awards office “A Queen’s Award is the highest honour that can be bestowed on a UK business. To have a Queen’s Award is to be acknowledged the best in your field.”

Products and BrandsProducts Supplied:
Bench lights, Brushes, Burs/Diamonds/Abrasives, Cabinets and Furniture, Cobalt Chromium, Cross Infection Consumables, Denture Base Materials, Dust and Fume Extractors, Endodontic Equipment, Endodontics, Erkodent Thermoforming Machines & Products, Filling Materials, Furniture and Planning, Gloves, Hand Instruments, Handpieces, Implants, Impression Materials, Laboratory Sundries, Lathes Polishing, Needles and Syring

Products & Brands

Products include: NEW RACE EVO, Schottlander Examination Gloves, Schottlander Multi-Layered Gold Diamond Burs, Erkodent Thermoforming Machines & Materials, Doric Addition Cured Silicones, RaCe 123 Rotary Single Patient Kits, XP-endo Shaper, XP-endo Finisher, TotalFill BC Premixed Bioceramic Materials


The complete rotary file system to instrument all canal anatomies safer, faster and with more control. SAFE - EFFICIENT - CONTROLLED.

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Schottlander Examination Gloves

Schottlander Gloves were recognised by the receipt of a Queen’s Award in 2000. Since then Schottlander gloves have got even better with the introduction of product enhancements and greater choice.

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Schottlander Multi-Layered Gold Diamond Burs

Schottlander Multi-Layered Gold Diamonds are an improved range of burs that provide cleaner and faster cutting and stay sharper for a whole lot longer.

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Erkodent Thermoforming Machines & Materials

Erkodent products offer you more than 50 years of proven reliability for all thermoformed dental applications.

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Doric Addition Cured Silicones

For highly accurate and detailed crown & bridge impressions.

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RaCe 123 Rotary Single Patient Kits

The simple technique using only three rotary NiTi files saves both on time and cost and comes as a single patient kit.

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XP-endo Shaper

3D preparation and cleaning from a single rotary file. Prepares to the shape of the canal not to the shape of the instrument.

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XP-endo Finisher

Optimal cleaning while preserving dentine. The XP-endo Finisher will revolutionise your endodontics by providing cleaner canals - whatever your file system.

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TotalFill BC Premixed Bioceramic Materials

These products represent a major advance in bonded root filling restorations. • Biocompatible • Zero Shrinkage • Highly Radiopaque • High pH during set

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