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Coltène Ltd

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Coltène is a global leader in dental consumables and small equipment covering the whole dental treatment process. Dentists and dental labs worldwide rely on the company's products for implant-based therapies and dental reconstructions, as well as impression materials, Biosonic equipment. A leading developer and manufacturer of high-precision impression materials and innovative, aesthetically-pleasing filling materials. Coltène Whaledent has brought polymer chemistry-based impression and filling materials, a broad range of high-precision mechanical instruments, dental pins and posts, carbide and diamond burs and other rotary instruments, as well as the areas of hygiene and patient safety, to a truly advanced level. Actively involved in Post Graduate sponsorship, supporting Dental Student education, Coltène Whaledent is held in high esteem by universities in the UK and throughout the world with long-term commitment and close relationships with the institutions and lecturers that provide dental education. Products and Brands Products Supplied: Crown forms, Electrosurgery, Endodontics, Filling materials, Gloves, Hand instruments, Impression materials, Laboratory instruments and tools, Light activated systems, Polishing products, Retention pins, Root posts, Surgery sundries, Training and seminars, Ultrasonic equipment, Wax Company Brands: Affinis System 360 Monobody, Diatech, Jet Bite Fast, Monophase PVS, One Coat SE Bond, Roeko

Products & Brands

Products include: MicroMega One Curve File, Dental Dam, BRILLIANT EverGlow, BRILLIANT Componeer, SoloCem, One Coat 7 Universal, ParaCore, MicroMega Dual Move, DIATECH Rotary Instruments, OPTIM 1 Cleaner and Disinfectant, BioSonic UC150, MicroMega Dual Pex, AFFINIS, President The Original, CanalPro Jeni Motor, HyFlex EDM File

MicroMega One Curve File

One instrument for root canal shaping. Hyper-flexible and extremely resistant. Responding to the need of efficient shaping while respecting the initial root canal anatomy.

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Dental Dam

A wide choice of latex and non-latex options. Retracts cheek and tongue for optimal viewing and ensures a safe and efficient treatment.

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A sculptable Universal Submicron Hybrid Composite that allows for high aesthetic restorations with a reduced spectrum of shades.

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Aesthetic anterior restorations, in just one session, with prefabricated composite shells combining the advantages of direct restoration with the advantages of the indirect veneering technique.

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Self-adhesive dual curing cement resin. Etching, bonding and cementation in one step with a unique combination of MDP and 4-META.

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One Coat 7 Universal

A universal, light-curing, one-component bonding agent for adhesive restoration technique, applicable in self-etch, selective etch or total-etch technique.

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A dual-cured, glass-reinforced, radiopaque composite for an integrated bond & cement system.

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MicroMega Dual Move

Cordless endo motor with control of movement, speed and torque. Continuous or reciprocal motion.

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DIATECH Rotary Instruments

Including diamond instruments, carbide burs, polishers and kits.

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OPTIM 1 Cleaner and Disinfectant

One-Step CLEANER & DISINFECTANT with 30 second contact time for COVID-19, SARS CoV and MERS CoV. Available as a wipe and as a liquid.

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BioSonic UC150

Built for versatility, efficiency and convenience. The 5.7L stainless steel tank offers a small footprint but generous capacity, holding up to 4 instrument cassettes. For counter top or recessed unit.

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MicroMega Dual Pex

Electronic Apex Locator, stand alone or combined with the Dual Move.

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Still one of the fastest A-silicones around with precise moulding of every detail, even under the most difficult conditions, giving you total confidence during impression taking.

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President The Original

Exceptional tear strength and elasticity allow for flawless removal, delivering precise impressions which are successful even under most difficult conditions.

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CanalPro Jeni Motor

Digital assistance system for root canal preparation, with autonomous navigation through the endo canal using revolutionary software.

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HyFlex EDM File

A unique combination of flexibility and fracture resistance makes it possible to reduce the number of files required for cleaning and shaping during root canal treatments.

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