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Bryant Dental

The Barns, Hilltop Farm, Lyne Lane,
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Bryant Dental is empowering Dentists with technology that is beautifully designed and expertly engineered. Remarkable new experiences are brought to our customers through innovation in prototyping and precision printing, combined with the latest technologies in global product support and delivery. Yet the human touch remains at the core of Bryant Dental and it is felt in the composition of each unique Bryant Dental experience. Part of the Bryant Group of brands: Bryant Dental® for Xenosys Loupes, Ignis® for wireless headlights, Lucidum® Light Cures, Ozmo® Reverse Osmosis and C-Flo® Composite Heaters. 🧠Making smart dentistry simpler 🗣World class customer service ⚡️Innovative design 🌍Changing the Dental World HistoryBryant Dental was established by Connor Bryant in 2016 with the vision to connect dentists with equipment that would make dentistry even more enjoyable. He was shortly joined by co-owner Priyam Patel who combined brilliantly engineered products with next-generation customer experience. 2016: Established Bryant Dental with Xenosys Loupes becoming one of the most popular brand of loupes in the country 2017: Introduction of LumaDent Headlight systems to the Uk and Europe 2018: Design and Release of own products: Ignis Wireless Headlight, Lucidum Light Cure, C-Flo Composite Heater and Ozmo Reverse Osmosis. Ethos Making Smart Dentistry Simpler with Next Generation Technology, Products and BrandsBryant Dental Loupes Ignis Wireless Headlight Ozmo Reverse Osmosis Lucidum Light Cure C-Flo Composite Heater Formula42 iShields Charitable connectionsWe support Husti.org in improving education systems in India.

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