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BioMin Technologies Ltd

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BioMin Technologies Ltd was established to commercialise research conducted over the past decade at Queen Mary University of London and Imperial College, London, to develop bioactive glass materials to reduce tooth sensitivity, help replace lost mineral from tooth surfaces and protect against tooth decay. The company has received ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management certification from NSAI. The business categories of BioMin Technologies Ltd are Manufacturer and Exporter.

Products & Brands

Products include: BioMin® C Toothpaste, BioMin® F Toothpaste, BioMin® F for Kids Toothpaste

BioMin® C Toothpaste

FLUORIDE FREE daily toothpaste formulated to adhere to the tooth surface and slowly release calcium and phosphate ions to produce a hydroxyapatite coating. and has a fresh, minty flavour.

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BioMin® F Toothpaste

BioMin® F toothpaste slowly releases Calcium, Phosphate and Fluoride ions for up to 12 hours after brushing to form Fluorapatite to reduce sensitivity and strengthen and protect tooth structure.

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BioMin® F for Kids Toothpaste

BioMin® F for Kids is based on the same innovative technology as the original BioMin® F, available in two pleasant fruity flavours - melon and strawberry - and comes as a silvery coloured gel.

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