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Aura Infection Control Ltd

Aura Infection Control Ltd

Unit 21 - 22 Stainton Grove
Barnard Castle
DL12 8UJ

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At Aura Infection Control Ltd T/A Quality Water Specialists we care about delivering infection control solutions and products to our customers in the dental industry and have been doing so for over 12 years.Our experience has made us one of the leading infection control suppliers in the dental market and a point of contact for advice and support for our customers. We pride ourselves on our ability to share our knowledge and experience and have helped thousands of dental professionals. We bring innovative, quality products to the market, and provide the solutions that make “Best Practice” a reality and not a headache.We are best known for our Alpron Biofilm Removal System, the market leader in dental unit water line disinfection.We have the following web sites to showcase our products:www.aiconline.co.ukProducts and Brands: Alpro Medical, Purell, Gojo, Clinell, Hospec, Daylight, GKE, Hu-Friedy, Hydrosense, Hygiena, Steris, Terragene.Alpron, Alpron Starter Kit, BRS Kit, Bilpron, Rapid Legionella Test, Clinell Universal Wipes, Clinell Sporicidal Wipes, Chlorine Tablets, pH neutral Detergents, Helix Tests, Bowie dick tests, Soil Tests. Purell LTX hand sanitiser system, Clinell Hand Sanitisier.

Products & Brands

Products include: DesNet + Large Surface Cleaner, Hospec Chlorine Tablets, Hospec pH Neutral Detergent, hygea d3ntal Ultrasonic Bath, X-Mist, WL Handpiece cleaning and Disinfection System, Bib-Forte Eco, Alpron 1 Litre, Alprojet DD Aspirator Cleaner, Alprosept Skin Disinfection, Alprozyme Instrument Cleaner, Printosept-ID Impression Disinfectant, QWS Alpron and BRS Starter Kit, Alprox Oral Antisepsis Solution, Blue Isolation Gown, Superior Blue Flat Pack Aprons, Aura Disposable Apron Rolls, Disposable Face Visors, QWS BRS + Kit

DesNet + Large Surface Cleaner

Large surface cleaner, for floors etc. Effective in just 15 minutes at 5% concentrate. Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Yeastercidial and Virucidal, meets all EN standards.

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Hospec Chlorine Tablets

Easy to use Hospec Chlorine Tablets. Suitable for all manner of surface disinfection from just 60ppm to 10,000ppm available chlorine. BS EN 1276, 13697 and 13704 compliant.

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Hospec pH Neutral Detergent

Recommended for the cleaning of steel instruments prior to sterilisation. Specifically Designed for the cleaning of reusable dental and surgical Instruments. 740ml and 5 Litres available.

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hygea d3ntal Ultrasonic Bath

The hygea d3ntal ultrasonic bath offers outstanding performance for use in dental applications. Compliant to HTM01-05 and ISO standards, to provide reassurance for any professional use.

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Highly effective, powerful broad-spectrum germicide. The product range is the most powerful airborne and all-surface sanitiser on the market today.

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WL Handpiece cleaning and Disinfection System

State of the art handpiece cleaning and disinfection system. WL will clean, disinfect and blow out any fixed or baked-on protein. Effective against Enveloped viruses.

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Bib-Forte Eco

Ultrasonic cleaning and disinfection detergent. Exceptional antimicrobial efficacy. Effective against Bacteria, fungi and all enveloped viruses. Can also be used in soaking baths.

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Alpron 1 Litre

Alpron is the market leader in Dental Unit Waterline treatment, trusted by thousands of dentists across the UK. Clinically Proven, effective against legionella.

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Alprojet DD Aspirator Cleaner

Dual-action aspirator cleaner and disinfectant. Meets EN standards for Bacteria Viruses and Yeast. Use the Alprojet system for a cleaner, safer aspirator.

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Alprosept Skin Disinfection

Hand and skin disinfection rub, used before carrying out ordinary injections and punctures of peripheral vessels. Proven to EN 1500, EN 14476. Large 1 Litre bottles.

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Alprozyme Instrument Cleaner

Enzymatic cleaner for medical and dental instruments including rotary instruments and endoscopes. The highest level of patient and staff protection (TRBA 250, enveloped and non-enveloped viruses).

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Printosept-ID Impression Disinfectant

Impression Disinfectant for the cleaning & disinfection of all kinds of dental impressions, worn dental prostheses and dental works. Effective against virucidal activity against enveloped viruses.

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QWS Alpron and BRS Starter Kit

The QWS Starter kit includes all the equipment needed to complete a biofilm removal of a dental unit with 3 months supply of Alpron Concentrate to prevent biofilm reformation.

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Alprox Oral Antisepsis Solution

Alprox Oral Antisepsis Solution is used for the cleaning and care of the oral cavity as well as gingival pockets during and after the treatment of periodontosis.

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Blue Isolation Gown

Blue Isolation Gowns – CPE 40g – Liquid Repellent, protects from long contact from fluids. 32mu thickness. Ideal for dental procedures.

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Superior Blue Flat Pack Aprons

Superior Blue Flat-packed Aprons. Thicker aprons (16mu) for higher protection.Pack of 200 aprons. Blue colour.

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Aura Disposable Apron Rolls

Made of quality polythene with 10 microns thickness, rolls of 200. Available in a variety of colours

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Disposable Face Visors

Disposable Face Visor with sponge header and name place. Plastic protection from splatter and contamination spray. Meets BS EN 166:2002 personal eye protection.

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A State of the art Biofilm Removal system for re-treatment of dental Units that may have failed a quarterly water test or the initial starter kit test after treatment.

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